Welcome to Landlord Mortgages

Landlord Mortgages has, for over a decade, helped professional landlords and those new to Buy To Let with expert advice and in the process acquired an enviable track record including numerous titles such as Best Buy To Let Mortgage Broker.

The views of the company’s Director, Lee Grandin, have been well received by the press and indeed the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky have called upon his knowledge on a number of occasions. Google his name and read the many archived articles on all aspects of Buy To Let including several dedicated websites where Lee himself has developed his offerings to Landlords such as: buytolet.org.uk – A website that is a complete guide for the less experienced landlord who is aspiring to follow in the footsteps of some of Landlord Mortgages most successful clients or landlordinsurance.com – reducing the cost of insuring the Buy To Let property.

Core to Lee Grandin’s company is good old-fashioned one to one Buy To Let mortgage advice. This is very evident whenever you call them as a very experienced consultant will greet you and quite often this will be Lee himself.

There is no better way to start, or maintain, your Buy To Let investment than to have that old fashioned discussion by ‘dog and bone’. Of course cost is very important to a landlord so it comes as a very pleasant surprise when Landlord Mortgages inform you that the Brokerage charges are less than their competitors.

So who am I? Well my name is Lahrie and I have been one of Lee’s most demanding clients for over a decade.

When you feel it’s the right time to talk to us then give us a call on 0800 917 3324 and our friendly staff will help you.

My personal views are well publicised so search the major online news providers such as BBC, Times Newspaper, Mail On Sunday, Guardian and ascertain for yourself whether we are a credible company to do business with.

As an open and transparent business we welcome feedback so feel free to email me directly on lee.grandin@lml.co.uk but please do not bombard me with requests for Buy To Let Mortgage Quotes, that is the job of my Mortgage Consultants.

Our Mortgage Consultants can be contacted on 0800 917 3324 .

By Lee Grandin, Managing Director
Landlord Mortgages